Rouge condominiums phase 1 to 4

Residential development project

Condominiums project in 4 phases integrated to the redevelopment plan of the urban strategic crossroads of Namur/Jean-Talon

Jean-Talon Street West corner of Victoria Avenue



The completed master plan of this residential development project is comprised of four distinct phases of construction. The first phase of the project is facing Victoria Avenue and includes an eight‑storey building. The second phase includes a twelve-story complex and is located at the corner of Victoria Avenue, near Buchan Street. The third phase is eight stories and is located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Jean-Talon Street. The fourth phase of the project is a twelve-storey building and serves as the central pavilion of the development, housing all the commercial and the essential services on the ground floor . Collectively, the four phases surround the public pedestrian walkway.

The master plan of four buildings contribute to a comprehensive vision for other incoming urban development projects. The urban design remains in context with the community. It preserves the sense of belonging to the borough of Côte-Des-Neiges while ensuring better overall permeability.