Sebastian Campanella

Founding Architect
Sebastian Campanella is a member of the Order of Architects of Quebec (OAQ), the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), the Association des Architectes en pratique privée au Québec (AAPPQ), the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), the Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA) and the Architects Association of New Brunswick (AANB).

Sebastian Campanella is a registered architect and the founding partner of Campanella & Associates. He is the principal advisor and oversees and manages the entire team on all the assignments. Mr. Campanella is dedicated in setting the highest quality standards to any project.

Mr. Campanella is a graduate from McGill’s School of Architecture and has over 30 years of experience as a registered architect in planning, design and over the year he has specialized in all sectors of the industry, including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development.

Fernando De Marco

Fernando De Marco is a member of the Order of Architects of Quebec (OAQ) and a member of the Association des Architectes en pratique privée au Québec (AAPPQ).

Fernando De Marco is an associate, a senior architect and project manager. Mr. De Marco started as an intern architect at Campanella & Associates. After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the University of Montreal, he pursued his career with the firm.

Gradually, Mr. De Marco acquired the skills and experience to become a senior designer and project coordinator working on several architectural projects in the commercial, industrial sectors and in the retail trade industry in Quebec and the Maritimes.

A Team

of experts

The team of Campanella & Associates brings together experienced architects, project managers, architectural technicians and LEED certified experts assuring the application of a sustainable and responsible architecture. This creative, passionate and multidisciplinary team strives for excellence and works together, under the leadership and vision of its founder and Senior Partner Sebastian Campanella and with his associate Fernando De Marco, to achieve success in every architectural projects it undertakes.