Campanella & Associates is a renowned firm of architecture and design founded in Montreal by Sebastian Campanella. For over 30 years, Campanella & Associates has been providing tailored and personalized architectural and design services to meet its clients’ needs and expectations throughout Canada. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients in creating residential, commercial, industrial and institutional spaces and buildings. The firm’s expertise is recognized in all sectors of the construction industry.

Campanella & Associates is a dynamic group of experienced architects, architectural technicians and LEED certified experts. The experience, skills, creativity and professionalism of its team ensures the quality and success of each mandate. Campanella & Associates is involved throughout the entire duration of a project and offers complete and comprehensive services at all stages, from preliminary planning to building delivery, covering the full life cycle of a project.



Our philosophy and our values reside in the effectiveness of a collaborative effort between the client and the architects. Our mission is to achieve an enduring relationship and an ongoing dialogue throughout all phases of the project while respecting budgets and deadlines. We are committed to sustainable development by promoting an architecture that complies with all environmental requirements and that is in harmony with the site and its surroundings.

Our firm’s success is based on our customers’ satisfaction, a privileged client-architect relationship, our experience and the expertise of our team and its highly creative energy. Campanella & Associates follows a series of specific steps, from planning to realization, to maximize the quality of the final result guaranteeing the success of each architectural project.